Fanta Masters – Million Player Qualifiers

On the 13th and 14th of June 2014, the UAE Fanta Masters event took place at Magic Planet, Mirdif City Center and Mall of the Emirates in Dubai. Participants from all over the country joined in to get a piece of the action. PLG had the privilege to host some of Iran’s top FIFA eSport athletes to compete at the event, as well as Saudi nationals. Everyone wanted to perform and a chance to take on the legendary Fanta Masters who for so long topped all of the previous FIFA tournaments held by Fanta and Power League Gaming.


The event contenders will qualify to perform on the grand stage of the Million Player tournament this coming Ramadan. Because PLG and Fanta believes that everyone is a winner, contenders from the losing bracket still got a chance to test their skills one more time. Winners of each group secured two tickets (at a value of 250 AED) for the qualification stage of the upcoming tournament. Whereas, the loser bracket players have secured one ticket for a chance to qualify.


The vibe was good, the crowd was loud, and players were eager to get their turn to outperform the competition. Fanta has set a competitive ambience as their masters took the ground and everyone would stop and stare as they conquered their contenders. It was clear that those with the orange shirts are not to be mess with and are here to win.


Next stop is the FIFA 14 Fanta Masters Bahrain last session and finals, presented by VIVA Bahrain, starting June 20th, as we search for the other nine remaining Bahrain Fanta Masters. You can register now for the FIFA 14 | Fanta Masters | Bahrain Session 3, and our combined 16 winners will compete on June 21st, at the FIFA 14 Fanta Masters Finals, to win a trip to Abu Dhabi, to the Million Player with PLG and EA Sports in July.