Fanta Masters 2015 – The road to the Championship Finals

It’s been a long and steady month full of tournaments, and as we draw closer to November, more and more players are emerging from the Fanta Masters league across the Middle East.

Bahrain – First Qualifier and more to come

In our long tour around the Middle East, Bahraini players have always surprised us with their competitive level. After helping Sayed Hashem reaching the International Finals of the Mortal Kombat Cup, we come back to the tiny gulf sea island to host the first of many qualifier for the EA Sports FIFA 15 league – organized by PLG – Fanta Masters, presented by VIVA Bahrain. In the middle of Bahrain City Center’s Grand Galleria, the first qualifier hosted over 300 players competing for 16 of the Bahrain Finals qualifying spots set to happen at IGN Convention Bahrain on October 3rd.

Fanta Masters 2015 - The Road to the Championship Finals (2)

Khalid Jamal, Ali Faisal Ali, Mohammed Bassam, Mohammed Tallal, Tallal Mohammed, Hassan Jaffer, Ahmed Hasan, Mohanmmed Yaqoob, Tariq Saeed, Mohammed Kamali, Ammar Alqassab, Fayyadh Jamal Ali, Yaser Saeed Yusuf are closer to the becoming Bahrain’s Fanta Masters. On top of these players, Eid Fahad (1st place), Ali Mohammed (2nd place) and Ziad Omar (3rd Place) also won valuable prizes from VIVA Bahrain.

Fanta Masters 2015 - The Road to the Championship Finals (3)

We continued our path to the second qualifier happening on October 3rd at the IGN Convention Bahrain, which also hosted the Bahrain National Finals to hopefully become one of four players representing the island at the Fanta Masters Championship Finals in Dubai, this coming November. After a series of games we are pleased to crown EA Sports FIFA 15 players Khalid Jamal, Naser Mohamed, Ziyad Omar and now two times champion Mohammed Kamali who will represent Bahrain in the Fanta Masters Championship Finals later this year


KSA – Riyadh Gamers Day Winners and more to come

Our first major tournament in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was a memorable event for both PLG and players alike in Riyadh. With over 700 players competing at Gamers Day 2015, topped with celebrity guest matches with Alaa Ibrahim (Dvlzstation) and Tarek Al-Harbi (6AR8O), the Saudi crowd was the biggest we ever witnessed. Starting from numerous qualifiers across McDonald’s KSA stores and University Qualifiers,  players from all around the kingdom tested their skills once again at Gamers Day 2015 for a duration of three days, joined by 8 of 2014 Fanta Masters, where 16 players were awarded with brand new PlayStation 4.

Fanta Masters 2015 - The Road to the Championship Finals (1)

These 16 players - Hazem Alshehri, Mohammed Alshehri, Moubarak Alsbeiy, Nasser Alhmoud, Abdulrahman Gharawi, Abdullah  Aldiblan, Abdulrahman Nasser, Ahmad Helmi, Faysal Al Abboud, Hamed Aleelyani, Mshari Aldeeji, Saleh Barass, Sooud Alkorashi, Ziad Almoussa, Hassan Alaamoudi and Sleiman Alaazam -continued in the tournament to grab the four of 6 KSA spots at the Fanta Masters Championship Finals. Out of these players Abdullah Aldiblan, Hassan Alaamoudi, Sleiman Alaazam and 2014 Fanta Master Winner Abdulrahman Nasser grabbed the crown, and will be joining countless players from all around the Fanta Masters tournaments across the region in November.

Fanta Masters 2015 - The Road to the Championship Finals (6)

We’ll be coming back to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in October to fill the remaining 2 spots for the country to Championship Finals, so make sure to visit the KSA tournament page regularly.

Iraq – Erbil and Baghdad Champions Crowned

Iraq is one of the newest countries added to the Fanta Masters league this year, and we couldn’t be more proud to finally have 2 winners representing two main regions and cities including Erbil and Baghdad. In Iraq’s capital, Fanta Masters Iraq first tournament was hosted at the Lebanese Social Club, with live performance by local Iraqi rappers, and 8 winners walked away with a brand new PlayStation 4. The grand winner – Seif Al-Najfi – was crowned on the 20th September, and will be the first Iraqi to represent the country at the Championship Finals.

Fanta Masters 2015 - The Road to the Championship Finals (4)

Second part of the tour was the Kurdistan region specific tournament, set in Erbil at Family Mall. Over 400 players competed in a series of matches spread into three days, where 8 emerged victorious winning brand new PlayStation 4, and our second Iraqi qualified player was crowned: Mohammed Burhan. This event also had guest appearance by Iraq’s national team captain Younes Mahmoud, who played against the best players at the tournament in friendly EA Sports FIFA 15 matches.

Fanta Masters 2015 - The Road to the Championship Finals (5)

Our next coming stops are Bahrain last qualifier and country Finals, followed by a series of qualifier for the UAE set to happen in October at MEGCON 2015 and during IGN Convention Abu Dhabi. Make sure to check this page to register to upcoming tournaments.