CWL Middle East – Week 2 Team Spotlight: Valour eSports

Another week of intense matches just happened, and we are wrapping up the second week of the CWL Middle East Tournament Online Qualifiers and concluded the first round all together!

Many of the games were ending in a 3-0 sweep but looks can be deceiving because we just said goodbye to some serious teams that showed a lot of heart and a whole lot of skill. One interesting point is most of the dominating teams were from the gulf region but it would be unfair to leave out the Jordan Eagles as they sweep Egyptian team NoRecoil despite the Egyptians having a lead in every map before the Jordanian team made a systematic comeback in each map to win 300.

The teams that earn the spotlight though are UAE team Valour eSports, followed closely by Kuwaiti Team xLoS who had no regard to their opponents as they dominate every map with extreme prejudice. Valour eSports enjoys an arsenal of experienced players who have been part of international call of duty tournaments in the past and are no strangers to the Middle Eastern competitive scene. The Kuwaiti team xLoS, consisting of 3 from Kuwait and a Captain from the UAE, performed at their debut with style as their lead “Slayer” Fahad “StaySafe” Al Bathali takes first place in this week’s Top 5 Plays by showing how completely unsafe he is when using rapid fire.


Stay tuned for Round 2, with the Final 16 teams, which will be starting this Tuesday 19th of October as we stream the games at 9pm Dubai time on the official Power League Gaming Facebook page, and you can head to the dedicated page for the compete game schedule and live bracket updates.