CWL Middle East – Week 1 Team Spotlight: Team Worz

Wrapping up the first week of the online qualifiers of the CWL Middle East Tournament, we have seen teams put on a performance of a lifetime as they try to prove their worth to compete on a regional level.

Everyone came to play but one team proved dominant above all. Clan WoRz from KSA under the leadership of Bandar “Mr_7kmi” Haddadi, captain of the team. The team’s killer instinct was highly demonstrated through precision, synergy, and coordinated team play, with a full KSA roster consisting of Khaled “AL-Hakami-KSA07″Hakmi, Abdullah “SMART_ABOODY” Ba Aawafi, Abdulkarim “Kingxkrom” Aletaiby and of course Bandar “Mr_7kmi” Haddadi (Abdeh “Madridi–Hx” Hekmi as reserve fifth player)

Bandar’s leadership wasn’t all he was praised for, his positioning and ability to out maneuver his opponents secured him the number one spot in this week’s top 5 as he penetrates the opponent’s defense in Uplink without a scratch.

Tune in this week to catch the week 2 of the Call of Duty World League Middle East Tournament match streamed live on Facebook live, as some of the strongest teams in the region are competing for a spot to reach the CWL Middle East Finals in November. Head to the dedicated page for the compete game schedule and live bracket updates.