CWL Middle East 2016 Tournament – The Recap

We are proud to announce the conclusion of the CWL Middle East Qualifiers that has been connected the top Call of Duty teams in the Arab World together over the past few months. The CWL Middle East finals took place in Abu Dhabi at the Yas Marina Circuit media centre where it hosted the top 8 teams of the Local and Online qualifiers from over 12 countries in the Arab world.

Thanks to the combined efforts of Activision, PLG, selected Media representatives, and Community leaders that we had a successful milestone for E-Sports in the MENA region. The top 8 teams were representing countries like KSA, UAE, Jordan, Kuwait and Egypt.

KSA had the highest ratio of attendance in the top 8 with 4 teams making it to the finals that include Clan WorZ and Team Vipers from the Online Qualifier, in addition to Delialpi Gaming and Team Soldiers that qualified from Riyadh Gamers Day LAN Qualifier.

CWL Middle East 2016 Tournament - The Recap (3)

The UAE Teams were definitely making a strong statement with 3 teams qualifying to the top 8 and included Valour eSports, Centaurs, and Savage Gaming who was not in the original top 8 but replaced a team that was not able to join.

The Jordanian team Enigma V was a force to reckon with after setting themselves as the top team in the Kingdom and champions of the LAN qualifier at Jordan Games Week.

The final team from the Top 8 was the Egyptian Team OP that qualified by landing the top seed at the Arab Hardware Lan Qualifier in Egypt. It was unfortunate that the team players were not able to submit their travel documents in time for a visa to the UAE and were replaced by the team with highest points in the 9th seed, Team Savage from the UAE.

The Yas Marina Circuit Media Centre was once again filled with E-sports fanatics and the best Call of Duty teams in the Arab World. Hosted by Hakim Abu Nahel from PLG, the show production quality was unprecedented in the Arab World where games were commentated on by Delialpi Gaming, Saad and his co-commentators Hussein and Marwan.

CWL Middle East 2016 Tournament - The Recap (1)

Post-game analysis was also given between games by Hala Sherif of Arab Hardware, Imran aka Abu Maryam, and Fahad from True Gaming. A special panel of star players and team captains also provided in-depth analysis on the Grand Finals and the experience of being in the CWL Finals here in the UAE. The panel included Mohammad Mousa, captain of Team Centaurs, Abdul Rahman Dahoum, Captain of Soldiers, and Nawaf Captain of Delialpi Gaming.

On the course of a 2 days, 8 teams were put in 2 groups of 4 and battled it out to secure the top 2 of each group and make it to the semi-finals. Top 4 teams were Enigma V from Jordan, Clan WorZ from KSA, Valour eSports from UAE, and Team Vipers from KSA.

The Saudi teams were extremely dominant when it came to Search and Destroy maps but it was no match to the relentlessness from Valour eSports who never lost a map of Hardpoint and Enigma V who is claimed to be the best team in the Arab world in Uplink.

VE managed to defeat Clan WorZ in a 3-0 sweep and securing the first spot in the finals that will be later filled with Enigma V after they won team Vipers 3 – 1. The finals were not what we expected as the level of team coordination that Enigma enjoyed was no longer their strong suit against the destruction that was laid upon them from Valour eSports. Team Enigma V was playing with a replacement player due to their fourth player was not able to get a visa in time to be at the finals.

It was not a problem when Enigma played against all the other teams in the top 8 but Valour eSports was a team on a different level all together. They have had more experience in the competitive scene and are no strangers to being in a Championship Finals. The total grand prize of the CWL Middle East Finals would be a $10,000 including $1,000 for the Finals MVP.


Despite seeing amazingly high individual performance from many other players, it was not enough to carry their team to the finals. The MVP award goes to the top player of the winning team in the finals based on his performance during the finals. We were proud to announce Abdullah Mohammad Salah, aka ABOOD, of Iraqi nationality as the CWL Middle East Finals MVP and winner of $1,000 in addition to team winnings from the $10,000 prize pool. ABOOD secured a KDR of 1.9 in Uplink as his best performance of the finals and an average of 35 kills per game of 10 minutes!

We would love to congratulate Valour eSports for their remarkable performance this championship and everyone in the Top 8 that have honoured us with their attendance. Best regards to all the players and teams that have taken part in our Online and Local Qualifiers.

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