1. Tournament Format

          1.1 The tournament uses the following format:

          Step 1: Group stage

          Step 2: Play-offs

          Step 3: The Grand Finals

* Forfeiting a match will result in a loss.


Player’s settings

The following settings are not allowed to be adjusted or used on the players PC:

  • mat_hdr_enabled 0/1 (do not use)
  • mat_hdr_level 0/1/2 (do not use)

*All other configuration changes are allowed as long as they do not give an unfair edge or advantage comparable to cheating. A player may be penalized for wrong settings in any config file, regardless if it is in use or even stored in the game folder in question.

*Players are forbidden using any kind of overlay that displays the system performance while playing

The official PLG servers will use the following game settings:

  • mp_startmoney 800
  • mp_roundtime 1.75
  • mp_freezetime 15
  • mp_maxrounds 30
  • mp_c4timer 35
  • sv_pausable 1

Settings for overtime: 

  • mp_maxrounds 6
  • mp_startmoney 10000

The following maps will be played during the entire tournament: 

  • De_mirage
  • De_nuke
  • De_cache
  • De_Train
  • De_Overpass
  • De_Cobblestone
  • De_Dust2

3- Match interrupted

* If a match is involuntary interrupted (player’s PC crash, server crash, power outage, network issues, etc.) the tournament officials may decide to replay the match according to the following rules:

* If the problem occurs in the first round of either the first or second half-time, the half-time in question will be replayed;

 * If the problem occurs in the first round of the overtimes, the section in question of overtime will be replayed;

 * If the problem occurs in any other round, the players need to pause that round and wait until the problem is solved or until the tournament officials tells them to continue the game;

 * Tournament officials will decide for them and the teams must respect this decision.

4- Pausing a match

* In order to unpause the match, only the players from the team that requested the pause may unpause the game.

* If the opposite team unpauses the game without approval, the team in question will receive a warning.

* A team can have a maximum of 3 pauses requests per map; each pause can last 5 minutes.

* If a team pauses the game more than 2 times on a map or if the pausing time is greater than 5 minutes each, the team in question will receive a warning.

* Pause is only allowed during freezetime.

5-Stand-in & Captain

*Teams can have ONE stand-in player only that must be registered with the team, but can’t join in the middle of the game. (we wont accept any other players)
*Every team can have a coach but he is not allowed to interrupt their match or talk to the players during the game .
*if the coach is caught ghosting the team will be disqualified immediately

6. Other rules and violations

6.1 Forbidden software installation

Players are forbidden from bringing, installing, downloading or using any external software or hardware that interacts in-game. It is also forbidden any form of modification that would alter the game or allow a player to execute, automatically, more than one in-game action.

6.1 Forbidden in-game actions

The following actions are strictly prohibited during a game and will result in round loss (the amount is determined by the tournament director) which will be      deducted at the end of the match, and a warning:Any form of script is forbidden;

  1. Using bugs which change the game principle (i.e. spawn bugs) is illegal;
  2. Moving through walls, floors and roofs is strictly forbidden. This also includes skywalking; “Silent bombs” (i.e. the planting of a bomb which doesn’t make a sound) are illegal;
  3. Planting bombs so that they cannot be defused is illegal. This does not include plants where multiple players are needed to defuse;
  4. Boosting with the help of team mates is allowed in general, but it is forbidden in places where the textures, walls, ceilings, floors become transparent or penetrable.

6.2 Sanctions

  1. A team may be cautioned and receive warnings if one of his players commits any of the following offences:
  • Refuses to follow tournament official’s instructions;
  • Arrives late at his convocation schedule;
  • Shows dissent by word or action;
  • Uses insulting language and/or gestures;
  • Is guilty of unsporting behavior.
  1. A team may receive a sanction if one of his players commits any of the following offences:
  • Receives more than one warning;
  • Is guilty of violent conduct;
  • Uses any unlawful or unfair proceedings;
  • Mislead or dupe any tournament official.
  1. A team may lose a match or multiple matches if they find themselves in one of the following situations:

* If a team is not ready within 15 minutes after the official match should’ve begin, the team in question will forfeit the first match as follows:

* If the match is in a single-game format then the team will forfeit the game;

* If the match is in a best-of-three format then the team  will forfeit the map in question.

* If a team is not ready within 30 minutes after the official match should’ve begin, the team in question will forfeit the game.

6.3 Sent off

* After studying of a sanction by the competition manager and the tournament director, a sanctioned team may be subject to additional sanctions such as multiple default loss, disqualification of the team, and banishment of next year’s competition.

* A disqualified team will automatically lose all his next matches by default and loses all rights and prizes that would have been awarded. In a group stage, the previous matches’ results within the group are cancelled and are also lost by default. All points won or lost are backwardly redistributed.


NOTE: Tournament officials may change the current rules before or during the entire event. In certain cases, depending on the situations, exceptions to these rules may be made.

A player will receive a warning and/or disqualified if he/she commits any of the following offences:

  1. Uses indecent words or action
  2. Uses insulting language and/or gestures.
  3.  Refuses to follow tournament official’s instructions