Call of Duty World League Middle East Tournament

In partnership with PlayStation, Activision and local distributor Red Entertainment, the Call of Duty World League is finally kicking off in the Middle East. Announced in September, alongside other CWL Regional Tournament such as Poland, South Africa and more, the Call of Duty World League Middle East Tournament will see teams of 4 competing in online and live events around the region, that will culminate with 8 teams advancing to the CWL Middle East Finals held at the PLG Grand Slam at Yas Marina Circuit in Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, for a prize pool of $10’000.

Now, with the online qualifiers starting this week, the first group of teams will be playing until the 25th of October, followed by Group 2, to get 4 teams that will compete in the live finals. These 4 teams will be joined by the winning team from the Egypt Live Qualifier set to happen on the 7-8 of October in Cairo, followed by the top 2 at the KSA Live qualifier hosted during Gamers Day on the 27-29 of October, and finally the 2016 Jordan Games Week CWL tournament winners – Team EniGmA V. For those of you wanting to follow the action, you can check the Online Qualifier Group 1 schedule and bracket live updates on its dedicated page, and key matches will be livestream on the PLG official Twitch channel.

“We are delighted to finally be able to bring the CWL to the region in conjunction with our partners at Activision Blizzard, Sony Playstation and PLG. Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 was a major success for us across the MENA region, showing the strength of the Black Ops brand and the affinity the fanbase have with the series here”. Stated Sam Sadeghi, Publisher Manager at Red Entertainment. “We understand that it is something that the Call Of Duty fans have been crying out for and we are all excited to see CWL as it progresses, giving the Black Ops 3 fanbase the opportunity to enter the competition, show off their skills, and represent the region like we know they can! Happy gaming and thank you all for your continued support!”


The final eight teams will battle it out in front of a streamed audience, broadcasted from our new PLG Studio facilities, thanks to our partners at Yas Marina Circuit in November, coinciding with Power League Gaming’s 5th Year Anniversary.

“As the ‘Meeting place of Champions’ and the host of the FORMULA 1 ETIHAD AIRWAYS ABU DHABI GRAND PRIX, Yas Marina Circuit is delighted to be establishing itself as the home of e-Sports in the UAE. The spirit of e-sports and gaming is a perfect fit with the Circuit’s brand and strategic vision, and the venue lends itself perfectly to the sport’s innovative broadcast and staging demands”. Stated Al Tareq Al Ameri, CEO Yas Marina Circuit. “Our partnership with PLG is our first step in this direction and together we are aspiring to develop a new generation of regional talent.  The growth of the sport has been phenomenal and we’re proud to play host to the region’s best in the years to come.”

As well as being streamed live in Arabic to the Call of Duty community in the Middle East and internationally, a long list of local celebrity will be joining the panels to bring intense game analysis, but also to make this Call of Duty event a memorable one.

The community is already excited for this tournament, and some of the region’s top media, journalists and gaming community leaders are excited to be part of this regional tournament.

Alaa Ebrahim - CWL Middle East Alaa Ebrahim, Founder and YouTuber at DVLZSTATION

Call of Duty has been a big part of my life. This game has inspired me to start my YouTube channel and seeing it grow this big makes me very happy. I have attended 3 Call of duty Championship and I always had hopes that one day we will see the real E-sport Scene in our region and here it is happening in our region. I am really excited that we are finally will be able to show the world our skilled professional Call of Duty players and hopefully this championship turns into one of the biggest in the world.

Andrew Ernest, 2014 Middle East Finalists to the Call of Duty World Championship

CWL Middle East Tournament provides the means for young amateur players to prove themselves on a local stage, as well as give them the chance to attend the most prestigious COD tournament of all, the “Call of Duty Championship”, where they can learn from the best to become the best.

Ahmad-Al-Nasheet---CWL-Middle-East Ahmed Al-Nasheet, Founder and YouTuber at DVLZGAME

For years, I hoped to see a team from the Middle East compete in the Call of Duty World Championship, one that would be representing the Arabic community and compete with honor against teams like Optic Gaming or Envyus. After five years, we finally get an official tournament in the Middle East to get fans of eSports tournaments a chance to participate and to watch an official competition for the first time for a game like Call of Duty, and I hope we gets a big turnout of participation and see more of these official tournaments in the region. Let’s see who is the best clan in the Middle East and who is the best Call of Duty player in the Middle East. We’ll only know if all professional players and these big teams participate in this CWL Middle East tournament!

Ahmad “Sparkileptic” Makki, founder of Region 2

Call of Duty World League will be one of the biggest and most influential events in regional gaming history. It’s been a long time in the making, but without the right talent and expertise of PLG, it could not have been made possible. As a gamer, critic, and enthusiast, I look forward to the resulting impact Call of Duty World League will have on eSports in the Middle East.

Ibrahim-Hamdy-CWL-Middle-East Ibrahim Hamdy, Deputy CEO of Arab Hardware

The Arab world has been the center of much attention from game developers, which has now become a market to compete amongst themselves, from the point of localization and dubbing but also to introduce an official qualifying world championships for video games in the region. The latter has heavily contributed to the recent formation of professional teams and the rise of semi-professional players to compete for world titles, and since Arab Hardware is one of the largest of these specialized gaming communities in the Middle East, we always thrive to excite players and help them focus on their dreams of being competitive with the help of game developers and publishers. The latest is the official Activision Inc. and PlayStation Middle East Call of Duty tournament, operated by the PLG for numerous Arab countries. For the first time, teams will be able to prove they are the strongest in the Middle East and hopefully to represent the Arab world in the World. All participants from our community are enthusiastic and we are getting flooded by daily messages on how to subscribe and the rules and regulation of the tournament such as the legal 18+ age restriction, but in the end this is a good motivation for all player to train so that they are ready when they reach the legal age, and thus indirectly creating a new generation of professional video games players that is something still fresh and new globally and in the Arab region in particular.

Sayed “Tekken Master” Hashem, professional Fighting Game player

As someone who have reached the highest level of competitive gaming, reaching the Mortal Kombat Cup International Finals as well as EVO 2016, I value the effort and work PLG has done on that front. If it wasn’t for their qualifying rounds, regional and national fighting game tournament leagues for the Middle East, I might’ve never got to a point to represent my nation in a world championship. I’m hoping that the Call of Duty World League Middle East Tournament will help a local team to shine and showcase their talent to the world.


The CWL Middle East Tournament is shaping up to be an event and tournament that you don’t want to miss out on, so be sure that you get yourself ready for the biggest Call of Duty live tournament, and register now for the Egypt Live Qualifier or KSA Live Qualifier. Follow the conversation on social media via the official hashtag #CWLME