What is the Call of Duty World League?

The Call of Duty World League is a worldwide eSports league operated by Activision. The Call of Duty World League deepens our commitment to support the highest quality of competitive play for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, including bigger competitions, greater prize pools, and more opportunities to get involved than ever before.

What’s the difference between this CWL Middle East Tournament and the main Call of Duty World League?

The Pro Division of the Call of Duty World League will have competitions in North America, Europe, and Australia/New Zealand. Each territory will have an independent regional structure for fans to follow leading up to Call of Duty Championship 2016. The Challenge Division provides a means for aspiring or amateur Call of Duty players to earn their way to the Call of Duty Championship. The Challenge Division will host a series of LAN events that will offer a prize pool as well as World League points for a chance to earn a spot at the Call of Duty Championship.

Our tournament is a standalone Middle East and Africa Call of Duty World League tournament, which for the first year won’t be linked to the Call of Duty Championship at the end of 2016. The tournament will see series of online and land qualifiers around the region that will crown one winning team from each region.

Where do I watch the tournaments online?

Most matches of the online and lan tournaments in the Middle East will be live streamed for free on the PLG Twitch Channel via

Can I attend events in person?

The Call of Duty CWL Middle East live event qualifications will have be hosted in venues with limited access to the public. Please refer to the tournament schedule page on our site for more update

Who can compete in this league?

For the online qualifier of the tournament, it will be open to teams based and residing in the following 9 different countries: Egypt / Kuwait / Kingdom of Saudi Arabia / Qatar / Lebanon / Oman / UAE / Jordan / Bahrain.

In general all players in each team need to have their own PlayStation 4 console with valid PSN Plus suscription with the game, to be national or official resident of each country (with valid residency papers), eligible to fly to Dubai (has a passport with a validity of more than a year) for the Middle East Finals in September, and is STRICTLY 18+ years old of age and above for a team to compete in this tournament.

One of our team members is almost 18 years old. Can he participate?

Sadly the age restriction is as per the CWL global rules and regulations. Players need to be 18 years old of age on the day he’s registering, on top of all other above mentioned restrictions.

I don’t have a PlayStation 4, copy of Call of Duty Black Ops 3 or PSN Plus subscription. Can you help?

During live events, you will be provided a seat where you will be playing with your teams on PLG-owned PlayStation 4 including Call of Duty Black Ops 3 and a controller. It is up to you to bring your own headset and approved controller. Custom controllers with remapping function and such will not be allowed, only original PlayStation 4 controllers with the exception of the PlayStation 4 Scuf Controllers.

During online tournaments/qualifiers, you will not be provided with any of the above. Each of your team members will need to play with their own own PlayStation 4 console with valid PSN Plus suscription with the game.