For years gamers have struggled to find the right environment to challenge players like themselves in a fair and rewarding environment. Now with the latest technology, partners and support we will give players the chance to compete at the highest level.


Power League Gaming – The reboot in 2014

Power League Gaming’s foundation is based on solid partnerships with companies like EA Games, EA Sports, Activision Blizzard, Warner Bros Games, Kingston HyperX,  Coca-Cola to name a few. After three first years, with notable tournament leagues such as the official Middle East Call of Duty Qualifiers for the World Championship, Injustice Middle East Finals and more, 2014 marks the reboot of PLG with major newly created leagues.

In 2014 players from across the Middle East and Africa region were given their first chance to becomes “Fanta Gaming Masters” with PLG on the regions most popular game EA Sports FIFA 15. Kicking off with the UAE in April during the Middle East Film and Comic Con (MEFCC). The program was developed to bring Coca-Cola with our partners EA Sports and PlayStation 4, along with many others as a platform for amateur players to develop their skills, compete, achieve recognition and win some great prizes.

Numerous other leagues also catered to PC players including the PLG Invitational with DOTA 2, PLG Legendary Tour with League of Legends, and the introduction of over 12 different title tournaments hosted online and live during events across the region.


Power League Gaming – Solidifying Middle East eSports in 2015

Players have emerged quickly from across the region and the growth of the program into new markets in 2015 is now producing some of the best talent in electronic sport. Fanta Gaming Masters expanded from 6 to 16 countries, with over 100 different city, and ultimately culminating with the Regional Championship Finals in November 2015, where PLG and Fanta crowned their first regional Fanta Master grand champion, winning prizes well over AED 125’000. This  partnership also extends to PC hardware partners including HyperX, and other country partners such as VIVA Bahrain and more.

Introduced in 2014 as a standalone tournament, the PLG Legendary turned into one of the region most popular League of Legends online league, with prize pool in every seasons, offline qualifiers during live events, and opening the door for more than 16 countries to join from the confort of their home. 2015 was also the year that another major online league was introduced, this time with EA Sports FIFA, and the PLG Super League, an elite competition for players that qualified in the previous season numerous FIFA and Fanta Masters tournaments.

On top of that, PLG joined hands with the Games Weeks community events that year, both also thanks to new partners including Red Bull Oman, pushing the reach of the company’s live tournaments in new countries. Thanks to Jordan Games Week and Egypt Games Week, the PLG team hosted their live first tournaments in Amman and Jordan, giving away well AED 100’000 in prize pools, as well as Oman with Red Bull Player One Oman.


Power League Gaming – Onto the next frontier with 2016

We have the best players in the region, it’s now time to turn them into icons. With tournament leagues now allowing our champions to represent the entire Middle East and North Africa region in International and World events, PLG Champions are now recognized on a global levels. Our Middle East Mortal Kombat X champion ended as 2nd in the world at EVO 2016, and our 2014 Fanta Master and PLG Super League Season 1 Finalist reached the FIFA Interactive World Cup, and those are some of the stories from the beginning of this year.

More tournaments, more online leagues such as the PLG Victory League, more games, more partners, and the 2016 year is set to become the greatest, and a perfect way to celebrate Power League Gaming’s 5th Anniversary.


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