2017 PLG Grand Slam with Overwatch: Tournament Recap

After almost a full year, with two seasons of the PLG Nationals with Overwatch Tournament Series, the 2017-2018 ended with a blast thanks to the PLG Grand Slam. Following the PLG Pro Tour placement tournament, it was all up to four teams to battle for the final $10,000, including Osh-Tekk Warriors and Cocodrilos eSports from KSA, followed by Evolve Gaming from Kuwait and the last seed which was UAE’s infamous Yalla eSports.

Over the course of two days, we seen many interesting and exciting matches, as most of these teams are becoming on par with global levels, and that’s no surprise. Yalla eSports are known for being the winners of the ASUS ROG Trials of Champions, Osh-Tekk Warriors have been undefeated in both the PLG Pro Tour and PLG Nationals Tournament Series, without mentioning Evolve Gaming nabbing the first ever Overwatch edition of the GeForce Cup Middle East title, followed up by Cocodrilos eSports from Saudi Arabia.

With all of the tournament’s matches played as a best of three, in a double elimination bracket, we watched an immense strength and high level of play from all the teams in the tournament, each aiming for the grand prize of $5000. The first of these matches was between Osh-Tekk Warriors and Cocodrilos eSports, both representing the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This brought some intense clashes on all maps, with each on the border of winning, but the Osh-Tekk Warriors had the better defensive measures against their compatriots.

In parallel, Yalla eSports met Evolve Gaming, to relive the endless rivalry between these two teams. With Yalla eSports winning the first map (Hollywood), it was thanks to Q8IDIABLO that Evolve Gaming got the momentum going, grabbing the second map (Eichenwalde). But that wasn’t enough, as Yalla eSports’ known tactics in tight spaces got them the upper hand on the third map – Temple of Anubis – and advance to the winner bracket semifinals to meet the Osh-Tekk Warriors.

The semifinals of the Losers Bracket between Evolve Gaming and Cocodrilos eSports saw a clear advantage for the Kuwaiti team, thanks to the Q8IDIABLO and TOXIN duo, who clearly helped their team lead in the first two maps and securing the chance to win at least one of PLG Grand Slam awards. On the other hand, Cocodrilos eSports was kicked out of the tournament.

On the other side of the brackets, the Winners Semifinals pitted Yalla eSports and Osh-Tekk Warriors, which was not easy for any of the two teams. While Osh-Tekk Warriors led by SSSADISTIC grabbed the First Map, Yalla eSports proposed by CELESTIAL got their comeback in the second match. The third map –  Lijiang Tower – was a decisive game for both teams, and while it seemed like Yalla eSports had the upper hand, with CELESTIAL stacking the kills, and a fantastic Quadra Kill, it wasn’t enough to beat the Saudi team.

In the Losers Finals game against Evolve Gaming, Yalla eSports was able to set a fast pace in the game to win the first game in less than 30 minutes, and eventually finishing with a 2-1, to climb back to the Grand finals and hopefully get a chance for redemption against Osh-Tekk Warriors. The Kuwaiti team on the other hand, ended with them leaving PLG Grand Slam with Overwatch with a $1000 cash prize.

In the grand finals, both teams were eager to prove that they are the best in the region after a whole year of competitions. With Osh-Tekk Warriors starting off great with the first map win, Yalla eSports’ DIZZYY pretty much led Yalla eSports into winning the second map. In the end, even though KSSARPLAYZ was awarded the MVP title of the tournament, it was Osh-Tekk Warriors that won the third and final map, grabbing $6,000, followed by $3,000 for the UAE team.

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