2017 PLG Grand Slam with League of Legends: Tournament Recap

Taking place in Dubai at the PLG Studio, the PLG Grand Slam, presented by Legion and powered by Intel, hosted the top 4 teams from the PLG Pro Tour to take compete for the grand prize. Taking the first seed of the PLG Pro Tour, Nasr eSports from the UAE, has become the icon of the Middle East eSports. Representing KSA as the second seed coming out of the PLG Pro Tour, Team Hex of Saudi Arabia is also the third-place winner of the ESL Play Go4LoL EU West Cup. In the third seed coming out of the PLG Pro Tour, Team Free Elo is claimed to be one of the strongest teams in Arab World with players from KSA, Egypt, and Morocco. Formed in less than 2 months and even less time preparing for the competition, Free Elo attracted the attention of all the fans and followers in the Arab World after putting on a show to win the Nationals Qualifiers During the Games Arabia in Jeddah and secure the third seed going into the Grand Slam. Last but not least in the fourth seed coming out of the PLG Pro Tour, Team Anubis Gaming from Egypt one of the oldest teams in the Arab esports scene that has succeeded in honoring the Arab region in many international tournaments.

This version of the Grand Slam has brought a lot of surprises and fluctuations that we have seen during the six games scheduled for this tournament. An indicator of how intense the competition was is that every match went to a final game 3 in this Double Elimination Format. The first was the game between Nasr eSports(1st seed) and Anubis Gaming (4th Seed). The match was forced to a 3rd map after Anubis tied the series in game 2 despite being crushed in game 1 from NASR eSport’s sieging composition. It was all down to the drafting and insane mechanics from Anubis star player Eslam Ashraf AKA ANB S4N who carried the team to a 2-1 victory sending NASR eSports the loser’s brackets and face the threat of elimination.

PLG Grand Slam - 2017 - LOL (7)

The next match between Free Elo (3rd Seed) vs Team Hex (2nd Seed) was just as intense after seeing yet another game 3 but only to see another upset from Free Elo as they send Team Hex to the loser’s brackets against NASR eSports! It was a complete shock to everyone to see the top 2 seeds being knocked down to losers with the reality that one of them will be going home empty handed as the 4th position in the PLG Grand Slam.

The Winner Finals between Anubis Gaming and Free Elo was considered one of the best matches of the tournament as there was a lot of mutual pressure between the two teams. This best of three was easily considered the best set to be played in the history of PLG League of Legends tournaments and arguably one of the most memorable internationally. Paying homage to Fnatic’s 1 auto attack left to take down the nexus Anubis gaming puts on a barrage of offensive attempts at the nexus to seal game one only to be destroyed in the next two games and sending Free Elo to the Grand Finals to secure a top 2 position in the PLG Grand Slam. Anubis was sent down to the loser’s finals to face NASR eSports after their 2-1 victory over Team Hex eliminating Team Hex from the PLG Grand Slam.

PLG Grand Slam - 2017 - LOL (6)

The loser’s finals was a revenge match between NASR and Anubis Gaming. It was at the point in time where one counter pick would mean the game. The match was tied at  1 – 1, in what is considered the most important match for both teams in attempt to secure a spot in the grand finals. This is when we saw the star player and ADC of NASR eSports, NASR Mimic, take over the game and put on an MVP performance after being absent for so long, he was nothing but a sleeping giant waiting for the right moment to wake up.

The grand finals was more than anyone could hope for. Carrying more hype than any other game in a PLG League of Legends tournament, this match-up quickly ranked up to be the PLG “El Classico”! Once known to be the clash of the titans between Patrick Square Pants and Challenge Arena back in 2015 in addition to Slice n Dice  vs Anubis Gaming in 2016. We now proudly present to you the toughest match up in PLG history, NASR eSports vs Free Elo. A game that carries much more than cash prizes and sponsorships. This is about pride. This is where it all goes down as the conclusion of the toughest league of legends tournament the Arab world has ever seen.

PLG Grand Slam - 2017 - LOL (2)

With no surprise the match went to a game three with both teams trading their signature champs and running to their pocket picks trying to out-draft their opponent. It all went down to the laning phase and map control. Aggressive snowballing vs Passive sieging and team fights. Yin vs Yang. Raw Skill vs Coordinated Teamwork. Free Elo vs NASR. It was nothing short of an all out war with it being anyone’s game to win or lose. Nasr eSports came out victorious in the end punishing any small mistakes from Free Elo and taking advantage of their gold lead to bring down even more objectives.

With that it is our honor to present to you the champion of the PLG Grand Slam and the best team in the Arab World, NASR eSports! Winning $ 5,000 for First place while Free Elo wins $3000 as Runner Up. Securing third place Anubis Gaming wins  $2000 and marks the conclusion of the PLG Grand Slam finals and a great year for the eSports in the Arab World.

In the end, we would like to congratulate the three teams who have won this tournament. We also thank all the teams that participated in either the PLG Nationals or PLG Pro Tour qualifiers and all those who contributed to the formation of this tournament, whether from players or sponsors. To see more excitement in upcoming tournaments from Power League Gaming.