2017 PLG Grand Slam with DOTA 2 : Tournament Recap

After almost a full year of competitive gaming, with two seasons of the PLG Nationals with CS:GO Tournament Series where more than 60 teams competed, the 2017-2018 ended with a blast thanks to the PLG Grand Slam. Following the PLG Pro Tour placement tournament, it was all up to four teams to battle for the final $10,000 prize pool, including top seed Team Lebanon, followed by Team Bendover and No Terrorblade from Egypt, and finally Team Worms from Jordan.

Over the course of three days, the region’s best proved that the Levantine region is a dominant force in DOTA 2, and that was no surprise. While Team Worms are newcomers to the scene, No TerrorBlade is a veteran team founded in 2014 (best known for reaching the quarter finals of the Gamers Lounge Winter Cup III in Egypt). On the other hand, Team Lebanon is considered one of the giants of the game in the Middle East, ranked 51st in the European ranks site Gosu Gamers and include top talent such as Sebastien Debs (who previously played with The Alliance, Western Wolves and currently coach of Team Red Bull OG), and was formed from former Team Spotnet players. That’s without mentioning Team Bendover from Egypt, led Hadi “ar3a” Diaa el-Din which is not a stranger from PLG DOTA 2 tournaments, winning the first ever NVIDIA Geforce Cup live at the 2015 Egypt Games Week, but also reaching international leagues such as Kiev Major Open Qualifier and the same round of the Manila Major Open Qualifier and latest The International Open Qualifier in 2017.

Kicking off the tournament was a hot confrontations between Team Lebanon and bottom tier No Terrorblade, which played numerous times in the past. While the Egyptian team played a rather good first game, they could not stand up to Team Lebanon’s excellent team synergy, which won the both set sending No TerrorBlade to the Losers Bracket.

On the other side, Team Bendover was confident against the Jordanians, but Team Worms wanted to prove they have the skills, coming as the underdog of the league with no previous achievements. While Team Bendover managed to snatch the first set, Team Worms came back from their defeat to take the second one in a tight last minute comeback. The third match was even tighter, and while Team Bendover’s hero pick seemed to be far more optimal than the Jordanian team, the Worms surprised use with a Pudge pick. With Team Bendover players gained a lot of ground with singular or paired fights, it was Team Worms that showcased really synchronized team attacks that pushed the Egyptian heavily, pushing them to regroup and change tactics. Sadly, midgame Team Bendover took a strategic advantage by wiping the entire Team Worms roster while defending what they had left and countered with a Roshan kill before a final push against the Worms, until the later lost control and ended up in the losers bracket against No Terrorblade.

Team Worms and No TerrorBlade are no strangers to each other, especially considering that the Jordanians were the reason why the Egyptian team ended up as bottom seed, after their match in the PLG Pro Tour for DOTA 2 back in November. Nevertheless, the Worms didn’t let that get into their heads, and had to actually put a fight in the match. Both games in the series saw strong performance and great teamwork from No TerrorBlade, which put Team Worms in great trouble numerous time throughout the match, but the Jordanian seemed to always have a the final say, ending with 2-0. With this win, Team Worms was proudly raising the Hashemite Kingdom banner into the Loser Brackets finals, only to discover that they were meeting their rivals Team Bendover once again, after their 2-0 defeat against Team Lebanon, for one final chance to reach the grand finals and meet the undefeated Lebanese team. Sadly, while Team Worms’ underdog story ended with their defeat in the losers finals against Team Bendover, the Jordanians managed to walk away form the tournament with the third place prize of $2000.

The grand finals were pretty much a clash of the titans, Despite the strength and perseverance of the Team Bendover’s players, they could not stop Team Lebanon’s march into their Ancient. In a way, this was pretty much predicted, considering Team Lebanon (previously known as Team Spotnet) have not lost a single game in a set since the beginning the of the 2017-2018 season, whether in the PLG Nationals Tournament Series, PLG Pro Tour or now in the PLG Grand Slam.  And so Team Lebanon managed to win 2-0 in the final to be crowned the first 2017-2018 PLG Grand Slam DOTA 2 Champions winning $5000, followed by Team Bendover as runner-up of the tournament and receiving $3000

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