2017 PLG Grand Slam with CS:GO : Tournament Recap

After almost a full year of competitive gaming, with two seasons of the PLG Nationals with CS:GO Tournament Series, the 2017-2018 ended with a blast thanks to the PLG Grand Slam. Following the PLG Pro Tour placement tournament, it was all up to four teams to battle for the final $5,000, including top seed Nasr eSports from the UAE, followed by Chosen5 from Jordan, Team RvN form Kuwait and the last seed which was Iraq’s mighty AimersAlive.

Over the course of three days, we seen many interesting and exciting matches, as most of these teams are becoming on par with global levels, and that’s no surprise. The PLG Pro Tour top seed Nasr Esports from the UAE, formerly known as Risky Gaming, are the 2017 ROG Masters Middle East Champions, eXTREMESLAND ZOWIE Asia CS:GO 2017 and ESL India Premiership 2017 Fall – Master 2 & 3 to name a few of their accomplishments, but also without forgetting Team RvN from Kuwait, who won the NVIDIA GeForce Middle East CS: GO CUP, Chosen5 team from Jordan, one of the first regional teams to be established in the game, and finally Aimers Alive from Iraq, which recently reached 2nd at the WCA 2017 Middle-East & North Africa Qualifier.

With a prize pool of $5,000, split into $3,000 for the first place, $1,500 for the second place, and $500 for the third place, there was a lot on the line after a year of competitive matches. With all games played as Best of three except for the final in Best of five, it all started with Nasr eSports against Team RvN. While the UAE team was confident that they will reach easily the Grand Finals, the Kuwaiti quintet proved them wrong, and winning the set 2-0.

The second match an exciting set between Aimers Alive and Chosen5, despite the sad news of the Iraqi team’s best players – Klee – leaving the organization shortly before the tournament. While Aimers Alive had to play with their substitutes which lost a lot of the team’s homogeneity, they still gave it all they got against Chosen5. The Jordanian players managed to break the first game 16-13, and then win the second game even though Aimers Alive was leading early with a score of 12-9.

The competition continued between all the teams in the second phase of the tournament, where we saw Nasr Esports meeting their Iraqi rivals Aimers Alive, in an intense Bo3. After winning the first map (Cobblestone), Aimers Alive managed to regain confidence and dominate the second map (Overpass) to reach it to a 1-1 tie. Sadly, it was Nasr Esports’ gameplay led by Nami, that dominated on the third map (Mirage) and kicked Aimers Alive out of the PLG Grand Slam with CS:GO.

On the winners bracket side, Chosen5 could not stop the Team RvN blitz, mostly due to missing one of their most important players in the team – Issa – just before the tournament. Team RvN easily beat the Jordanian team 2-0, and secured their spot in the Grand Finals, waiting to meet their upcoming opponent coming from the Losers Bracket Finals.

On that front, Nasr Esports were determined to win the Losers Bracket Finals at any cost. After a very rough challenge in the first game, the UAE players got their lead on Train with a tight score of 16-14. It was the second map that clearly showed the advantage of Nasr Esports, and won their spot in the Grand Finals, with Chosen5 finishing third place in the championship and $500 in cash.

The Grand Final was a real challenge between Nasr Esports and Team RvN, especially considering the Kuwaiti team were the reason why the reds ended in the Losers Bracket. With a one map advantage as coming from the Winners Bracket, Team RvN continued their domination by easily winning the first map (Inferno). Nasr Esports players came back thankfully on the second map (Train), but it was on Mirage that the UAE team’s dream of being crowned Grand Champion ended, after a tigh win by Team RvN finishing 16-14. This left team Nasr Esports as runner-up of the tournament winning $1,500, and Team RvN from Kuwait crowned the first 2017-2018 PLG Grand Slam CS:GO Champions and awarded $3000.

In the end, we would like to congratulate the three teams who have won this tournament. We also thank all the teams that participated in either the PLG Nationals or PLG Pro Tour qualifiers and all those who contributed to the formation of this tournament, whether from players or sponsors. To see more excitement in upcoming tournaments from Power League Gaming.

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